8 thoughts on “ReLOVEolt!

  1. Hi Millard…nice new blog…..good one! NOW..the problem with bailing out the boat is that for every bucket we bail out…some moron adds a bucket INTO the boat! Good luck..david brown

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    1. The elitists and their minions make up at most 10% of us. At most. 90+% of us are able and willing bailers, only we’ve been hoodwinked and demoralized. Expose the scam and incite some you-can-do-it and we could have this baby dry and rockin’ with the wind in no time. It turns out that’s all it takes to keep any belief going — 10% — which is why they’ve managed it for so long. But the curtain has been pulled back big time over the last decade. Bush’s war crimes, the banking system’s fraud, the government’s paranoia as evidenced by obsessive spying, and now the farce we call a “political system” that’s no more “system” than a 3-ring circus. None of that has ever been openly recognized before, and way more than 10% of us recognizes it. There’s no going back now. Just watch the house of cards crumble, you’ll see. I’m convinced I’ll see my kids’ generation and their kids completely overhaul this baby before I die.


      1. as you know..I have been following your stuff for years! keepm it up……people need to THINK…I may not agree with everything you say but I do learn and grow by reading your point of view. thanks!

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