A while back a good friend told me, “Some people would pay to hear the things you say.” That made me wonder why I haven’t connected with them yet.

Two people so far are supporting my work on ReLOVEution financially. A third just days ago told me, “I’d like to collaborate with you,” and then soon after, “I feel a sense of urgency. Let’s get cracking!”

Where is everyone else? Is there anyone else? Am I missing something, or do people just not get what’s going on?

It’s taken me a long time to gain confidence and take myself seriously, especially since my goals are so ambitious that they seem incredible to most people. I gave those skeptical voices plenty of air time and full consideration, literally for decades (more than four of them), and they not only came up short — they’ve proven baseless, hollow, and silly.

In light of the gravity of what’s at stake, this infuriates me. The time for those voices is over.

You who believe that we can’t replace authoritarianism with mutualism, transforming our societies into cultures that care, nurture, and support, affirming life and creativity instead of running them through brutal gauntlets, dignifying persons as innately precious beings instead of using them as tools: You’re wrong. Dead wrong.

You who believe we can’t have heaven on Earth — this Earth in this life and even in our lifetime: You’re wrong. Dead wrong.

So very, woefully, cluelessly wrong.

You who believe that the domination hysteria running rampant in our societies is unavoidable and unstoppable, seeing that it’s terrorized Earth’s people and creatures for tens of thousands of years — and now even threatens the planet itself…

You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

And I can prove it. I am proving it. I have no question that others are interested in helping. My only question is where they are and when they’ll step up.

This is me asking God and the Universe and everyone in it — or more accurately, putting everyone on notice:

Here we are — people who will not put up with this shit anymore, who commit ourselves, do or die, to not only change but radically change the world; to not only divert our hurtling course away from calamity, but to reverse it and race towards our aspirations; to stop believing in the power and inevitability of evil and death but believe instead in the powers of love and life about which we’re still little better than imbeciles…

We need your help, and we denounce your neglect, inaction, and silence.

Wake up, speak up, act with us and for us, because we are with you and for you. Join us in love and help us, if you care about us. After so many millennia of adversity, suffering, and death, we have good reason to wonder where you stand.

Stand with us. Otherwise, we’ll certainly die; which at least would be better than this nightmarish, creeping self-mortification.

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