About ReLOVEution NOW!


Welcome to ReLOVEution NOW!

You’ve never heard of a revolution like this: a revolution FOR, not a fight against.

ReLOVEution is a revolution of love. Why? Because love is more powerful. More powerful than what? Everything. You might not think so, but we’re not talking about the weak fake they called “love” that you learned about at home, church, school, and elsewhere.

One ancient writer who knew what was really going on with love called it “terrible as an army with banners.”

In other words, ReLOVEution.

Precisely because we didn’t hear about fearsome love at home, church, school, or elsewhere, we need to figure it out for ourselves. The biggest problem is not that we’re unfamiliar with it, but that they lied to us about it. Our job is to put the pieces back together and honestly live it.

ReLOVEution disintegrates authority, so don’t expect help from “official” or “expert” sources. On the contrary: People who engaged in loving, dignifying life and communities outside the control of authoritarians were hounded and wiped out by the rulers and officials of their day, and authoritarian experts justified the “cleansings”. Then authoritarians destroyed all the information they could about the terrible danger to civilized order that they had saved the world from.

ReLOVEution is that powerful, and it’s that much of a threat to authoritarianism. But we don’t need authorities and experts. We have each other.

ReLOVEution is new. It has not been attempted before. This is the first time in history that we haven’t just lost faith in authorities and their systems, but we are challenging the authoritarian paradigm itself. ReLOVEution will find out how far we can take that challenge.

That might sound grandiose or arrogant, and I’ll gladly retract as soon as I find others or someone shows me others who have seriously experimented with deauthoritized life and society. (“deauthorized” = not coerced by force or threat of punishment)

So far, my claim stands unrefuted.

If you haven’t yet read the ReLOVEution announcement, the ReLOVEution plan, and the ReLOVEution Manifesto, please do — especially the Manifesto.

These pieces crystallize my work of the last seven years. You’ll see how serious I am about ReLOVEution, how ambitious it is, and that you’ve never seen the like before. This is just the beginning.

I invite you to get involved, explore these possibilities with us, promote the work, support it, and help further it. If you know others who are doing related work, help and support them — and please let me know who they are.

Given our glaring lack of attention to ReLOVEution’s propositions and their game-changing potential, everyone should support this work, if only to see what happens!

Exploring these angles isn’t just wise and honest, it’s now imperative. Hoping for different results while doggedly trudging the routes we’ve already worn out, blaming our recurring, dismal failures on “them” — the other guys who refuse to comply and adequately perform and the bastards who keep this clown circus hopping in circles — is literally insane at this point. There no longer are good reasons to decline radical options, but there’s still a serious shortage of huevos to try them out.

Paths we haven’t yet tried might fail or lead us nowhere, it’s true; but when we’ve trodden all the old ones to muck and they keep leading us right back to the same few-extorts-many, denigrating, survival-threatening, violent bullshit we’ve lived under for thousands of years, we are fools not to pursue the options we’ve till now suspiciously, conspicuously, consistently avoided.

I’m already all in. I’ve devoted my life and my future to this. Let’s dig in together and find out what happens. I’m telling you: you will be surprised.

Support the movement at ReLOVEution’s Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ReLOVEution

Read the ReLOVEution Manifesto at: https://reloveutionnow.wordpress.com/reloveution-manifesto/

A year ago I announced ReLOVEution. Read it at: https://millardjmelnyk.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/reloveution/.

Last summer, I presented a four-step ReLOVEution plan: https://millardjmelnyk.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/reloveution-this-be-the-plan/.

We also launched a group on Facebook for discussion, brainstorming, and experimentation, ReLOVEution NOW! at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ReLOVEutionNOW/

Check it out and join in!

Check out our blog, ReLOVEution NOW!, at: https://reloveutionnow.wordpress.com/

And feel free to contact me by email at: millardjmelnyk@gmail.com

Let’s make …

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