True Growth un-Economy

What if you could walk into a store, pick up any and every item that you needed, and walk out without being charged a cent — all above-board, legal, fair, and the socially accepted norm? What if you had the leisure and security to use your time doing things that you enjoy or even that… Continue reading True Growth un-Economy

You Matter

You matter. You already know this, but it’s been beaten down, trampled, and shat on. Even after all that, down in the secret, locked place of your soul where only you can go, you still know it. That knowledge isn’t damaged — it’s just buried under filth, and it suffers constant attack from the outside,… Continue reading You Matter

Musing On Rights

(Excerpted from my post Musing On Rights at Millard’s Blog) I don’t regard rights. By that I in no way mean that intend to or in fact violate rights, but rather that I think talking about human affairs in terms of rights is an inferior way to deal with human relations. First, rights presume that… Continue reading Musing On Rights

A Safe, Easy Experiment in Conflict

Revolutions typically respond with conflict to conflict, violence, and injustice. ReLOVEution responds to them differently. To illustrate just one aspect of this, let me walk you through an experiment you can do in just a few minutes now or whenever you choose. First, look around you — in your room or your car or standing… Continue reading A Safe, Easy Experiment in Conflict

And You Thought the Titanic Was a Disaster…

“We got ownership totally backwards.” When I utter those words, especially to libertarians and anarchists, the reactions can be downright comical. It’s not that no one articulates good points — they do, once they get past initial face-palms and realize not only that I’m serious but my points are well-thought. The funny thing is, instead… Continue reading And You Thought the Titanic Was a Disaster…